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Blizzard's Diablo
Already in section Legacy games of Blizzard, this is certainly the beginning of an era .... As most of us, we played Diablo well after the game came out in 1996. I started playing it even when D2: LoD was out. Great fun was to see that new unique items in the expansion are actually coming from Diablo 1. The first item that came across was Harlequin's Crest Cap. The current way known to all - Shako. So I played, I hunted for Uniques so I can find out which have transfered to Diablo 2. And the answer is almost all of them! I had my small hunt but didn't really save my screenshots for some reason and they got lost in the vastness or Windows re-installs. I've made a couple of videos which can be seen in the Video section as well as some screenshots. You may have a look at the other screenshots I have for Diablo 2 and also the Diablo 2 Library page. Rarely found nowadays are also the Unique items of Diablo 1 sorted and displayed. You can find them in the Unique Items pages. Also shrines, spells and monster list.
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